Sunday, 17 April 2016

Electric Kettles- Your Travel Buddy

Electric kettle is an appliance which is a real buddy for travel or while one is at home. It does not make you feel alone because a cup of tea or coffee inspires you to write stories or if you are with someone it can work as a great conversation starter. There are various advantages of electric kettles. Firstly, it boils water much faster than normal kettle on stove. It also keeps the water hot for a longer time compared to steel kettles. Secondly, the stove kettles get really hot from outside which result in burns if not handled with care. While the modern day electric kettles have a high quality plastic body ensuring cool touch. This useful appliance can work by just plugging it into a power outlet.

There are varieties of Branded Electric Kettles available in the market such as cordless electric kettles, stainless steel electric kettle and others. The best electric kettle is the one that fits the needs of your kitchen.

When can we use electric kettles?

Well this is a very handy appliance which can be used anytime and anywhere. The compact size and light weight makes it an ideal travel companion. Even students who stay in hostel can keep them and make a hot cup of instant tea. 

Some students love to study at night and this kettle can help you stay awake with your cup of tea as well as it can also satisfy your midnight hunger without having to wake your mother. Instant soups and cuppa noodles only require hot water and they are ready to eat.
While travelling in a train you can carry your branded electric kettle with you and just plug into the sockets available near your berth and enjoy fresh cup of tea by just adding water to the sachet milk and dip tea pouch. The Best Electric Kettle also comes with automatic switch off feature. This kind of kettle will allow the water to boil for a certain period of time and as a security measure, it will turn off automatically after that.
If you are muddled about which brand’s electric kettle to buy? Then let us help you.

Sunflame is a leading kitchen appliance brand that has been designing the best electric kettles which are easy and safe to use.  Have a look at some of the features of Sunflame Electric Kettle-
Cordless Electric Kettle (SF-175)
·       1.8 ltrs capacity
·       1100 watts
·       360 degree cordless kettle
Concealed stainless steel heating element

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